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Art defines stunning garden on Ohio visit to Louise and Kylee…

After visiting Kylee of Our Little Acre ‘s garden in northwest Ohio on Monday, we had a delightful lunch with her mother, Louise, of Two Girls with a Purpose, who many garden bloggers know and remember from so many Garden Bloggers Flings as Kylee’s traveling companion. 

Louise’s garden overflows with beautiful garden art.  From family carvings and creations to blown glass and commissioned art, the art is as much a part of the garden as the plants.

A very recent addition, Louise commissioned the creation of the giant metal scroll in the front garden What a statement as you enter the front walkway.

Sadly, in this photo I accidentally cut off the bird’s head at the top of this sculpture – but here’s a better view of it below.  She’s now having another bird made to replace the one she added to the rocks below the sculpture.

He’s ready for his cousin to come join him.

These gorgeous horizontal planters flank the front door.  Welcome!

Bright blue glass globes light up this little bed.

 This colorful vertical planter adds Garden Up interest to the brick wall.

A quiet little corner of her side bed evokes a zen-like feeling with this iron pot (originally from China), junipers, conifers and the gentle Buddha.

As we strolled around the beds, this looked like a wonderful place to take a rest.

Oops, can’t sit there!  How clever.

Water features adorn her garden around every corner – whimsical places for birds to drink and bathe.

The sculptural pruning of this tree creates a lovely backdrop for the roses and grasses.

 After the rains, these drooping pine needles and cones were stunning.  I so wish we could grow some of these evergreens in Austin.  I have tree envy.

As we wandered further into the garden, Louise said it was really wet and we should take off our shoes.  I can’t tell you how absolutely delightful it was to walk through the soft, cool grass.  Without fear of vicious fire ants, cracked earth, limestone rocks or other unpleasant creatures.  It took me back to my childhood and time spent on my Mammaw and Pappaw’s farm in Kentucky – running barefoot through the wispy Kentucky blue grass. 

 Hmmm…the perfect idea for using extra pavers or bricks.

 A little protected outside nook houses more art.

 How many garden decor items can you count in this sweet vignette?

Frog antics in yet another birdbath.

 Oh my, ferns and heuchera and creeping jenny and a mushroom!  All familiar things I enjoy in my garden, too.

 I recognize that — it’s a giant saucer hibiscus — not the same variety as mine, but just as tall.

The blooms were really putting on a show for us.

One of my favorite color combinations.  Can you tell which one of these purple blooms is a piece of metal garden art and which is a spent allium?

And around the corner to another little peaceful space with moving art that Louise bought when we were at the fling in Seattle.

 This I loved — Kylee and her mom both had one of these trellises – one of  Kylee’s  Lowe’s projects.

 Birdbath and sculpture all in one.

 A brief glimpse through the trees.

 This looks like a great place to sit with an iced tea and ponder your next garden project.

 Another long view of the bed border with the succulent chair on the very right.

And now for a big garden room for spending the afternoon with friends.

 Although, those swings look like they’d be perfect for napping!

 These glass balls, created by a local artist, include textured pieces that allow butterflies to land on them.

 Precious little details on the posts of the garden room.

What a cool planter hanging in the garden room – and another interesting vertical focal point.

Love these rudbeckias — I might have to try to find some for my garden.

More places for bird to drink.

This intricately-carved man standing watch over the garden was carved by someone in Louise’s family but I can’t remember if it was her father or Kylee’s father – Louise?

So many lovely vignettes and creative ideas greeted me throughout this garden.  Louise’s personality and love for art was evident everywhere I turned. 

Next, a tour of the amazing Children’s Garden and park that Louise helped plan and create in her home town.

Plants were not the only ones who felt the freeze…

Here is another casualty of last week’s prolonged and bitterly cold weather.

This beautiful Mexican Talavera bird bath couldn’t handle the thaw with two inches of ice sitting in it. (At least it wasn’t the pipes in my house, I am thankful for that.)

Last year, I brought it in the garage to protect it from the hard freeze.

Sadly, I just didn’t think to do it this year.

I was contemplating super glue…but that won’t work.

I bought this a few years ago at our local HEB grocery store. They sometimes get special orders of pottery or garden furniture in the summer time and I grabbed this up the second I saw it.

Maybe I’ll run across another one somewhere — I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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Rain, rain, come again!

The last few weeks we’ve had an uncharacteristic amount of rain here in Austin. No real relief from the heat, mind you, so it’s been a tropical sauna.

Since it’s such an unusual occurence, I had to capture some of the beauty of the water in the garden.

A lovely, long cool drink in the garden. And this week, fall will really arrive — tonight’s low is forecast to be 58 gloriously cool degrees!

Behind on Bloom day!

Hard to believe it’s Bloom Day again!

And while I’m late today with my post, I wouldn’t miss out on the invitation extended to all garden bloggers by Carol of May Dreams Gardens to post photos of our garden blooms.

We’ve had a little fall here in Central Texas, and while the nights are cooler – high 50’s, the days are still upper 70’s and 80, even.

Many summer perennials and annuals are still blooming, but I’m starting to see a real change in the garden.

Leaves are turning yellow, blooms are slowing, and many plants are setting seed as most prepare to go dormant.

This huge Duranta is still full of blooms, but there are also many little yellow seeds along the blooms.
This Cassia is still standing tall, but the blooms are a much smaller portion of the bloom stalk than they used to be.
The Alyssum loves the cooler weather, though. No slowing down here.
The Marigolds in the garden are still hard at work, keeping the evil insects from the tomatoes!

The roses have been loving these warm days and cool nights. Maggie has lovely blooms like this all over.

And the Hibiscus in this big pot can seem to stop blooming. Was she doing that when we had company out here? No…. she waits until there isn’t anyone to see her! So she had to go in my post.
The Texas Betony in the back shade bed is growing like a weed all of a sudden.
This little corner off the back patio is blooming – lantana, Euryops, Loropetalum, and some cannas.
My bougainvillea, a passalong from Robin of Getting Grounded, likes the night air.
The front bed, with many of the same plants as the photo above, including Salvia and Cuphea, hasn’t slowed a bit.
The vines on the fence and the Mexican Mint Marigold are putting on a show.
My little mums just started blooming.
I found this Mexican birdbath last week and had to bring it home. She how nice it looks with the transplanted Agapanthus around it? And the Agapanthus says, ‘thanks for rescuing us from that evil Dakota-dog-girl!’
And the Turk’s Cap in the woods is quite happy. The Turk’s Cap in my garden bed is turning yellow and losing leaves rapidly. It’s been too wet for it as we’ve gotten some regular rains.

It’s interesting to note the change of seasons in the garden. Next week we are forecast to get down to 39 one night. Yikes! That will change things around here for sure!