Diana’s Approach

Diana’s Approach 2017-11-29T23:26:52+00:00

Diana’s Designs provides exceptional landscape design services.

For whatever style of garden you envision, from creative xeric to well-defined formal landscaping, Diana typically designs gardens to be:



using a blend of primarily native and adapted plants, which are naturally xeric and fauna-friendly

Austin Landscape Design Garden Plan Diana's Designs Flowing Native Grasses


creating graceful, curving shapes or simple lines for a landscape that helps soften Central Texas’ sometimes severe environs

Austin Landscape Design Garden Plans Dianas Designs Native Bluebonnets Wildflowers


employing tiered plantings to pique visual interest through varying heights and textures, color combinations and seasonal blooms

Austin Garden Landscape Design Diana's Designs Native Plants Bright Color Bottle Brush Drought Tolerant


incorporating a high-contrast confetti approach to blooming color throughout the garden

Austin Landscape Garden Design Diana's Designs Lotus Water Feature Diverse Wildlife Habitat


utilizing a variety of plants, like perennials, grasses, agaves, yuccas, vines, shrubs and trees still hardy enough for Central Texas’ often harsh climate