Thank you Santa!

Look who Santa helped me catch on film! Santa brought me a wild game camera that my husband strapped to a tree out in our wild area and I got pictures of this nice buck coming for Christmas dinner at our house.
You can see from the tag that it was 76 degrees and he came to eat at 5:12 in the evening. He had a nice dinner of some corn and sunflower seeds that I put out along with some water in a big dog bowl.

Isn’t it cool?

My sweet husband, I mean, Santa, is always looking out for me — finding new and fun toys for me to use in my blogging.

Thanks, Santa~

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Happy Holidays

We wish you a Merry Christmas (or the celebration of your choice) and a Happy New Year.  Just a few quick pictures around the house — today I am Sharing our Decorations instead of Nature’s Garden!
This is my favorite new decoration — given to me by my dear friend — it is a hand-painted image of our beloved Sierra, who passed away in March.  She snuck into my house to borrow a photo for the artist and had her paint this for me.  I cried when she gave it to me.  This is the true spirit of the holidays — a true gift of love that I will treasure forever.

These are my two doggie angel ornaments.  We’ve had the Sami ornament for 9 years, and I added the Sierra likeness this year.  
This is my garden advent calendar that holds these little treasures for every day of the month until the 25th.
This is Kallie’s advent calendar – almost all the doors are empty!  She opened today’s door after I took these pictures and she got a big ‘ol ring with a purple stone.  
This is our collection of carolling Byer’s dolls, given to us by my DH’s parents for years.  

We wish you all a wonderful and peaceful holiday.
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