In the line of fire…

In the line of fire…

I up with Pam of Digging to pass along some of my variegated ginger today, and our meeting place was, of course, a nursery! Barton Springs Nursery — ooohhhh. She was disciplined (and in a hurry) but I was bad and went on a little shopping trip.

I WAS trying to finish projects I have at home before our Labor Day party this weekend, but I was weak and succumbed.

I brought home a lot of vegetable transplants and some compost to amend my soil as it’s time for the fall garden here in Central Texas. Once home, I put them in my wagon and temporarily put them out in the sunny driveway.

It’s a good thing I’m observant and looked around after doing that, because lo and behold — 3 yearling does and a fawn were just down the garden path looking for some water and an afternoon snack!

I filled their water bowl while they watched from a distance. Look carefully beyond the edge of the wagon — see her watching me?

Then I promptly wheeled the portable veggie buffet back into the garage for safe keeping until the deer were gone.

Whew. I would have been steaming if I’d come out to close up this evening and found my wagon devoured!

Lucky me…

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