Sometimes, we live in an environment that’s rough and rugged, filled with scrub brush and cacti and the heat of the sun bearing down on anything and everything around us.

But, sometimes, we live in the land of the big sky and tonight was one of those nights. The sunset was stunning – full of gold and orange and an amazing hue of whisper-pale blue.

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in four weeks. I’m so sorry! At this time of year, my attention turns to holiday planning and company and “projects” (some of them actually garden projects!) I have had our trees all pruned and some cedars in the woods removed to help the oaks grow better. We got new mulch in all our beds for the winter (150 bags and it STILL wasn’t enough!) and the front walkway is sporting some lovely new snapdragons for a pick-me up as the winter starts to take its toll on our perennials. The BAD news is, that the new mulch and snaps attracted the deer. They came to look and sniff around, and in their inspection, they finally discovered the 5 lovely and delicate hostas that I’d planted two months ago. So, they had hosta salad for dinner one night a week ago — and now, all I have left are nubs! Too bad — I actually thought I’d pulled one over on them. Silly me!

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  1. Pam/Digging November 27, 2007 at 10:34 am - Reply

    I saw that sunset too—from a flyover on Hwy. 183. Not so beautiful a location to see it, but it was gorgeous nonetheless.

    Sorry about your hostas. I bet the deer love you for them. 🙂 It’s interesting how they are attracted by fresh mulch, almost as if they know that tender, new plants may be surrounded by it.

  2. Diana November 30, 2007 at 5:07 pm - Reply

    You know they have such sensitive noses – they smell that stuff from miles away and come to see what’s in it! I’ve had them eat traditionally deer-resistant things before, just because they came to check out the fresh soil. Deer 1, Diana 0!!

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