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Hummingbirds keeping warm in cold front …

Sunday brought an unexpected late spring cold front into Central Texas. With it came high winds and even a little (emphasis – little) rain.

As you might expect, this sent the hummingbirds into overdrive – furiously flying about – trying to keep their tiny bodies warm.

We have two feeders around the corner from one another outside our breakfast room and enjoy watching them much of the year.

Yesterday’s show was the best I’ve seen to date. At one point, I was watching 5 of them buzzing about the feeders and filling up on liquid energy. There were 3 at the feeder at the right corner window and two at the feeder at the left corner window. Almost made my eyes cross to watch them zoom back and forth.

But I was most intrigued that several of them were also taking breaks in the trees and on my Mountain Yucca. One male Ruby-throated hummingbird lit on the yucca several times — sitting very still and puffing up his tiny feathers to keep out the cold. Unfazed my my photography — focused on finding warmth. This feeder is protected on 3 sides – by the house and a wooden fence – and provided a nice wind break for him.

His very metallic green back provided a great contrast against the blue yucca and the blue pot in the first photo. Then later, he showed me his colorful neck several times as he breathed in and out.

With a low of 48 degrees this morning, the hummingbirds are back at the feeders. Fortunately for them, the weather is predicted to warm back up today. The feeders are providing some welcome nectar now, but everyday new hummingbird friendly plants are blooming in my garden. Most of my perennials attract hummingbirds, butterflies and bees, so I’m sure we will be enjoying their antics until next winter.

The Four Musketeers …

I couldn’t believe my eyes yesterday when I looked out the breakfast room window and saw, not one, not two, not three, but FOUR rats with tails eating at the bird feeders with reckless abandon.

Can you hang upside down by your toenails and eat? He can!
Those little claws are clenched around the tiniest of ledges around this feeder, but Mr. Bushy Tail doesn’t seem to mind.
This is a big ceramic tea cup and Weasel-lips here has squished his plump little body right down in it so he can root around in the seeds until he’s about to burst. And the little roof will keep him dry if it rains!

(Not much chance of that around here!)

And here’s the panoramic view of most of the feeders (there are a few others that won’t fit into the shot). But these are the ones that get the most traffic and make the dogs go nuts ~~ jumping up on the breakfast room windowsill to get just a little closer at those varmits.

Maybe instead of participating in bird watch day, I should make up a squirrel watch day where nature lovers count these critters instead!

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