Last year I started tomato seeds in the greenhouse only to have the little seedlings bite the dust — well, actually, the bugs bit them, in spite of little plastic cup collars and my best efforts to protect them.

So, no seeds on heat mats in the greenhouse this year.  But, while shopping for a new birdbath fountain pump, I walked by some beautiful tomato plants and they jumped into my cart (funny how that happens).
I’ll keep them in the sunny, toasty warm greenhouse after repotting them into gallon or larger containers.  They can hang out for a while, getting bigger and stronger, until the right time to put them into the garden.  (Why do I feel like I’m cheating?!)

Then I’m hoping they will look like this…

 And then this….

And finally, this….

I can’t wait for tomatoes with REAL flavor again.  Are you dreaming of the spring vegetable garden yet?