After what feels like a lifetime of drought here in Central Texas, I feel ashamed to be wishing the rain away. (But I am.) Coneflowers and zinnias and hibiscus sit in pots around the yard, awaiting my attention — begging to be placed in their new homes. And somehow, the rain always coincides with the time of day I have planned to work outside! And even though the tomatoes and cucumbers are growing like crazy, (see them spilling out of their beds in the picture above) some of the more drought-tolerant blooming perrenials are a little less than happy with the excessive water and lack of sunshine. Even the tropicals are showing signs of very wet feet. But I know that sometime in August or September it will be hot and dry and our plants and pocketbooks willl be glad to have had the rain as long as they did. So, for the time being, I will work in, and around, the rain, and be grateful for nature’s bounty … and her rather odd behavior this summer.